Our Christmas Morning

We decided to do our Christmas morning before we left to Utah.  If would be such a hassle to packed up all the gifts and such to take them just to bring them back home.  So, December 18th we acted as though it was Christmas morning.  We got up, I made hot chocolate and started a fire.  Adam still doesn't quite understand the whole thing yet.  David and I wanted to do gifts simple.  One from Santa and one from us.  There were also other gifts from family, too. David and I got each other small gifts to open in Utah, so we only had our new pajamas...but to be honest, I would be just fine never having a gift under the tree for me as long as I get to watch the joy on my child's face as he opens his.  I really like to keep the presents t minimum so we are able to teach Adam the true meaning of Christmas.  I hope that next year he will understand it more and we can so more giving as a family.  I love this time of year.

Until then, Adam is all about the presents.  We got him a train-track set and Santa got him a Learning Robot.  The gift he loved the most was a car track his grandma Janet got him.  Once he opened that, he wasn't too interested in the train track.  David and I looked at all the stuff he had and I said to David, "So, why don't we just wrap back up the train track and give it to him for his birthday?"  And yes, we did...we are awesome parents, right?  He'll get it in a few weeks.

This is how Adam says "please" in sign language.  "Please open it , Daddy!"

My Adam quickly figured out that a ball could roll down the track just as easy as a car.  That's my genius.

Merry Christmas, my sweet boy.  I can't wait until you are old enough to learn the real meaning of this holiday and the joy of giving...and next year we won't take away one of your Christmas presents to give back to you on your birthday.  You will be too smart for us to pull that off again...right?  Well, maybe we'll try it and see if you catch us...


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