Woody and Buzz

These two should have no worries when it comes to getting enough playtime with Adam.  I think he'll be loving on them for years and years.


SSToone said...

Awesome! We have a Woody, now we need a Buzz. I discovered the switch under his shirt to put it on play instead of demo and Woody just randomly talks. It was startling at first, but now it's funny. You are a fantastic lifestyle photographer!

Krista & Tyler said...

Love his face when he opens the Buzz present. That is hilarious! And, the Bosch lid ring? BAhahahahaha. I'm still laughing. And, seriously, I want one of those plastic bouncing/while/sitting balls - do they make those for adults? haha I miss you guys. Your laugh needs to echo in our house! We want to meet Adam too :) Miss you lady!

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