Discovery Bay

David is starting his main training at work that lasts pretty much the rest of the year and during that time he can't take time off.  We decide just to take a few days off and head up to Discovery Bay for a little getaway while we can.  It was nice and relaxing.  Just what we wanted and needed.

David teaching Adam how to use a telescope.  They both thought it was pretty cool.  And Adam found a little lizard friend.

The waves at the Dungeness Spit were loud and large.  Adam was cool with it for a little while, but soon decided that they were pretty scary.  If anyone went near the water he would freak out and want them to get away fast.  It was really sweet how he was so concerned that someone might get hurt.  David was trying to cheer him up... obviously it wasn't working.

And in true mother fashion, I was doing my best to show Adam that we were safe.  He was clinging to me as if life depended on it and I am sure he really thought it did.

Rocks are a boys best friend.

These two actually played together quite a bit on the trip.  It was super cute.



Misty said...

You are beautiful! Every kid feels safe in his mother's arms!

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