Puddles, Slides and Ramps

David plays soccer every Saturday and this past weekend Adam and I went to play at the playground where David plays.  They had four, yes FOUR, playgrounds at this school.  Two of them were all about bars and such, so nothing Adam could do.  The other two had slides and since slides bring out the happy in my little man, that is where we were.  I am just fine not letting him figure out bars can be fun.  Stay where you have the least chance of breaking your neck, little dude...

They also had this huge painted map in the parking lot.  Adam is already taking on the world.  I don't think the world is ready for this guy.  Not yet.  I know a lot of the children in our ward and let me tell you something...the coming generations are definitely chosen for this day.  The power you feel from these little spirits is beyond anything I have ever felt.  Don't underestimate what they will bring to the table once they are set loose on the world.  I pray with all my being that I get to watch it all.  Make no mistake, they are meant for greatness.

For those of you that wonder why Adam is always in his rain boots...here you go.  That, and he doesn't really want to wear any other shoes.  He was still soaked in his toes even though he was wearing them.  It takes talent.

We had slides, we had puddles, we had some climbing.  But what did we do for the longest time while we were there?  Running up some stairs and then down the ramp.  I'm not kidding.  Constant for about 20 minutes until the poor guy was so tired he just sat down and wouldn't go anywhere.  We left at that point.  If he ever grabs your hand and says "Go, go!" it means "Hey friend, how about you and me run in circles for a half hour...you know you want to."


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