We love the park.

Sunny days are few and far between here but they are coming out more frequently.  We do our best to get out we can.

These are two of his excited faces.  He had just spotted the slides.

We also love soccer, so we are indoctrinating Adam to love it too.  It's finally starting to take.  Yesss....

Then some kids showed up playing basketball...Adam looked over, watched them, picked up his soccer ball and then did this.  He's brilliant.  I'm still pushing soccer on him, though.  Although, I can handle basketball.  I just really don't want it to be baseball.  It's not very entertaining for me to watch.  Or football.  After having neck surgery myself, the last thing I want is him having to deal with neck injuries.

Adam has been noticing airplanes and helicopters a lot in the sky.  He'll hear them and look up until he finds them.  


Misty said...

At the rate he is growing, basketball may be a good fit!

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