So it begins.

It only took me about three and a half years to get a blog up and going.  I guess I never really thought that anything was all too interesting when it came to a new couple.  We had no kids (we welcomed our first miracle, Adam, this past January), we were in school (we still are) and I talked on the phone to pretty much anyone I thought would be interested in our life.  I will admit, I also really did not like the way most blogs out there looked.  We like things simple...everything out there seemed focused around crafty-craft types.  I am not in the least bit crafty.  I use my glue gun to glue frames to my cinder block walls and for nothing else.  My mom gave me a sewing machine and to be honest, it is still in it's box in storage (sorry, Mom).  Then I came across my friend's blog and it looked so fresh and so clean (clean).  She gave me the information on how to make a blog not so crafty-crafty and here I am.  Welcome to our world.


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