Rachel's visit.

David's sister, Rachel, and her family live in Texas and we only get to see them maybe once or twice a year.  We were really lucky to get to spend a few weeks with them in June.  They brought the Just Dance 2 game with them and I had the best time.  I won't lie...there were a few days I pulled it out to get my workout on when I was all by myself.  Well, Adam was there but thank goodness he won't remember any of my moves.  Mainly we just hung out at one home or another playing, eating yummy food and laughing.  It was a great time.  I think they need to move closer.

The kids were playing with this truck.  It is supposed to be one of those that runs on a battery, but the battery was dead so they all took turns pushing each other around on it.  They then decided they needed to 'work' on it.  They found some cinder blocks to drag over and placed the truck on top of them.  So funny they knew what to do.  Then as Blaine was under the truck, they were putting sand in the seat 'pretending' it was the gas they needed.  Well, as you can see, it went straight through into Blaine's face.  He was so great about it...he didn't get mad, just politely asked them to wait until he said they could put more gas in.  I love it.

Rachel's girls, Sydney, Madison and Kate.  I love taking their photos.  To tell the truth, all the Nani's photograph great.  I love being able to take their pictures.

Nani siblings, all 5 of them.  All the kids...hopefully more to come.  They are the best kids.

Swinging.  There was a lot of that going on.

Kristin hurt her foot the night before and everyone was pushing her around in the stroller.  It was pretty comical.  I've never seen anyone play on the playground in a stroller.  As you can see, she was enjoying it!

Disney Family Hits Sing It.  All the classic songs for the Wii.  It was awesome.

I can't help but show me and my little (giant) man.  He loves his thumb, no question about that.

Zander strutting his stuff.  Could he be any cuter?


Karen said...

You "may or may not have" used Just Dance 2 to work out, right? I love seeing those pictures baby. You're a great blogger!!

Karen said...

K that was me, David, who posted the above and this one too. Not sure why it says Karen posted it...

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