Snow babies.

Yesterday, David and I went to Salt Lake to talk to our infertility doctor, Dr. Hammoud, about doing what is called a frozen embryo transfer (FET).  After our IVF cycle last year we had two little embryos that were not used at that time and we chose to have them frozen for future use.  In the infertility world these little babes are called 'snow babies'.  Our plan is to use these in hopes for a little brother or sister for Adam.  The quality of the embryos was not the best when frozen, but we know that it is worth a shot- even if our chances are low.  The photo above is of the two embryos we transferred for Adam.  No way to know which of them turned out to be our little miracle, but how many people have a photo of their baby at day 5 of existence?  One of the perks of infertility, right?  We'll be doing the FET before the end of the year!  I am really excited to start the process.  If the FET gives us another miracle, technically Adam and the baby will be the same age since they all were conceived the same day.  I think we'll have to have a special celebration for them if it happens.  That'd be really fun.


Kristin said...

wow! How exciting! Oh I hope your little snow babies grow healthy and strong! We'll be praying for you.

Terina said...

Good luck!!!! Will be praying for another miracle for you guys!

Kendal and Kendra said...

What a great photo...and great experience! Hoping for another beautiful miracle for you guys. Look at how amazing Adam is- we need more like him! Love you guys!

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