4th of July fun.

Here in Logan they do the fireworks on the Friday before the 4th of July.  David and I decided that we would just stay in since Adam goes to bed at 7pm and the fireworks wouldn't start until about 10pm-ish.  Adam wouldn't remember missing them anyway.  I thought the fireworks would wake him up.  The stadium is right next to our building and the bangs made our windows shake.  He slept right through them!  On the actual 4th of July we had family over for a picnic type dinner.  We put up our tent (to air it out and make sure it was still in good shape) and lit some sparklers for the kiddos (well, kiddos AND the two grown men that were here).

Yes, Zander is using a bouncy ball as his hammer.

Proud boys.  

Lilly being as adorable as she is.


Michelle said...

love the new entries! love your thoughts (i need to read some cs lewis!). and man adam is a big boy!!

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