Fun day outside and more crib photos.

It was such a beautiful day today.  We spent some time outside and Adam was doing his best to learn to sit up by himself and to get in the crawling position.  He'd stay sitting up without help for about ten seconds and then topple over to his side.  I love the position he gets in when he does it, like a little baby model with his arm on his hip.  When getting in the crawling position, he would get on all fours and from there not really know what to do so he'd just drop his head down.

And how can I resist any chance I have to get some photos of Adam and his proud daddy?  One of Adam's favorite things it to grab our face and try to put it in his mouth.  I call them 'baby Adam kisses' and I can't get enough of them.  David was getting lots of kisses today.  Baby Adam eye kisses.

Oh, and more crib photos.  I just really like how they look.  This time he was sleeping with his arms around the bumper as though he was cuddling with it.  My little cuddle-bug.


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