Slowly but surely...

Adam is doing his best to learn how to become mobile.  He gets the knees and arms up and then isn't sure what to do.  After a few times he'll just decide to roll to wherever he is trying to go.  Look at that smile!

Oh, and yes, that outfit's size is 18-24 months.  It fits my 5 1/2 month old.


Krista & Tyler said...

Karen! He is getting so big! I cannot believe it! I love your blog. One day, you'll need to teach me how you made it all so pretty...and then you'll probably have to help me with mine. haha
I think we're going to try to come to Logan the last weekend in July! Will you guys be around!? Please say yes!! I haven't seen you all in forever, and I'm dying to hold your little man! He's so big. PS - I do have to buy you new stuff now, since he's definitely grown out of what I bought him to begin with haha. Thanks for posting his size! hehe
ps - also, a photography lesson from you might also be in order. I'm always so impressed with your shots. Lookin' good as usual!!! xoxo

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