To feel the grass in our toes...

Playing outside is one of our favorite things to do.  Adam is so fascinated with the grass.  Half the time he wants to be in it and the other half he seems to really dislike the feel of it.  I love his little feet.  Even though for some strange reason they stink all the time, I still find them to be one of cutest things on earth.  He thinks it is hilarious when I smell his feet and then say, 'ew....stinky feet!'

Check out this face he was making at me.  I swear he is thinking, 'hey mom, get that thing out of my face.'  I keep hoping he'll just learn to go with it and pose for me.  He's old enough to do that, isn't he?


Michelle said...

love the colors in these pics! btw- i tried commenting a million times before and something would always go wrong cuz i was on my phone. meant to tell you earlier that i swear you and your son have some of the same expressions as your dad!

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