"Can we discuss the different shades of green?"

Easter time!  I love Easter.  Last year Adam was still pretty young so we didn't do much as far as he was concerned.  We were pretty strict on no sweets for the little guy his first year so he didn't even get a piece of candy.  This year we bought some eggs and put some chocolate Teddy Grahams inside.  He catches on to things pretty quick and he was able to figure out when he picked up an egg, that a treat was waiting for him inside.  He also has a short attention span and the egg hunt ended pretty quickly.  We left the eggs outside in case he wanting to come back...a few hours later he did, but all the ants had also figured out a treat was inside the eggs.  I think I about died when I saw that Adam was chewing on a plastic egg covered in ants.  I am not sure if he ate any...don't the black ones taste peppermint?

Then we dyed some eggs.  Aunt Kaira was so sweet with Adam.

Now to explain the title of this post.  Soon after the egg dying began, David, Cory and Kaira started a conversation about the technicalities of the dye.  David had taken Cory's egg out of the green so he could use it.  Cory had wanted it to sit longer and David was sure it was a green as it was going to get.  He said to Cory, "Can we discuss the different shades of green?"  And it began.  I am not sure how, but egg dying had become a serious discussion...something that would only happen with David and Cory.  Kaira got really into it, too.  Check out how they have the same mannerisms.  It was awesome.

And what is a blog post of mine without a few more photos of Adam?

Finally, I think the egg hunt and egg dying really took it out of these two.


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