Well, it was a long time in the plans to get to see our old village gang for one last time.  We all met when we lived in the Village at the U of U.  Our friendships with them all are something we treasure and hope to maintain throughout our lives, no matter how far apart we are from each other.  So here we are- the Sonkens', the Rich's, the Truscott's and the Nani's.  Trust me, if I have anything to do about it, there will be more posts in the future about getting together.

We met up at the Hogle Zoo on Saturday.  It was the most perfect day, sun shining, 80 degrees...if you look at Adam you can see his greasy hair full of the baby sunblock I lathered him with.

Bob and Duncan.

This stone ball is infamous in our family.  "Fluid-on-fluid Action."  I may just have to post the video from a few years back.  Adam was loving being able to see his reflection.  

Adam met Duncan for the first time and what does he do?  Yes, he checks out his 'wheels'.  "Hey, man, nice ride.  Lemme get a good look."

Bennett being his adorable self.

Riding the Carousel.  Jana said once the ride started, Bennett had a death grip on that pole.  And silly Bob and Duncan got on a animal all the way on the inside.  If they were trying to avoid photos, they failed.

Hey Adam, check out what Bennett and Duncan are doing...pretty sure they aren't trying to eat the ride.  He eats everything.  

The best attraction at the Hogle Zoo?  Giraffe Pole Dancing.  Check out that arch.


Okay, so Duncan is two and we were all a little curious at Sara's itty-bitty-bump that was super tiny and I asked David if they had mentioned they were expecting.  She is a tiny girl and like I said, she had the smallest bump, so we didn't dare ask her.  Then, just as I was about to take a candid shot of these two walking, David leans into Bob and oh-so-discreetly asks...nice one, David.  Yep.  Another Rich is on it's way...from what I heard it's a girl.

Washing off that nasty sunscreen.

Batman pajamas, sword and a keyboard.  I have nothing to say about this.

This was taken in 2008.  For your enjoyment.


Sara Lou said...

Suck a cute post! You'll have to e-mail those pics you took of the Rich family in front of the fake elephant (actually all of your pics would be great to have)! Thanks Nani's for planning such a fun gathering. It made me really miss the days of daily playing together. Word on the street is right...it's a girl! We LOVE you guys!
p.s. didn't get the house I was planning my life in, darn it. We're still on the hunt.

Steph said...

Hey, that's me! I can't believe that was way back in 2008... :S

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