Let the move begin.

Due to some time constraints and the moving company, we decided to move ourselves to Washington.  The earliest the movers could come would be on May 17th and we wanted to leave the 11th.  David's start date is May 21st, and we want some time to settle in before he is off being all responsible.  So what I thought would be movers coming in and packing up has started a massive move on our part to get everything packed up as soon as we can and ready to go.  I don't mind.  It is a great opportunity to go through your things and get rid of a lot that you don't want.  We'll be ready.  So this is what I did this morning...remembering that I have an entire house to pack up.

Doesn't everyone wash and clean your husbands Legos for a move?  Once dry, David will disassemble, put them in plastic bags and place them gently in his Lego bin (which is full of a nerd's lifetime collection of Lego kits).  I'm so...proud?


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