More photos.

Adam woke up from his nap yesterday super happy.  He usually wakes up in a good mood and I hear him chatting it up with his little friends in his crib.  Which, by the way is so funny.  He really thinks that he is talking and says his mumbles so matter-of-factly.  When we are playing, he looks at me with a serious face and just 'talks'.  The face he makes says, "you should really understand all that I am saying to you."  Anyway, I love that he wakes up happy.  Rarely do we get a grumpy Adam. It's so fun.  I had to grab my camera.  He is learning to say cheese...and when he does say it, the crinkled face he makes is one of my most favorite things.


Michelle said...

okay, i just commented below...but i just had to add that liam does the exact same thing with the gibberish sentences that he thinks we can understand. gotta love it!

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