Adam does his hardest to mimic us whenever we do something.  His new favorite right now is 'tickle-tickle'.  No matter who it is, when he sees someone's foot without a shoe on, he will try to tickle their feet just like we tickle his.  For awhile he was just tickling, but now he tries his hardest to say 'tickle, tickle, tickle, tickle'.  The best part is that it really comes out like, 'ick-di-doo-ti' or some form of baby babble and he raises his pitch about an octave.  I love it.  He just starts babbling in a high pitched baby voice trying to say 'tickle-tickle'.  Oh my gosh, it is the best.

Here he is, tickling my feet.  I hope I can get a video someday before it gets old for him.


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